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What We Provide
  • Self care $200.00 per month per horse. Hay may be purchased.
  • Full care is $550.00 per month. This includes organic feed, putting on blankets and boots as well as the regular care.
  • An individual feeding program will be done. Come in and discuss your horse’s needs.
  • Beginner lessons can be taught by owner, but boarders are welcome to bring in their own Coach. There are also Coaches in the area.
  • Both your blacksmith and vet are welcome.
  • There is hot and cold running water and a heated tack room.
  • There is heat in the Full Care Barn.
  • We will be cool in the Summer and comfortable during the Winter Months.
  • Soon there will be hot water in the back barn.

May You Be Blessed
With The Wisdom
Of All Horses

Look in their Eyes and You Will Know...
The Secrets They Hold
The Answers They Have
The Love They Share
The Joy They Bring
Open Your Heart
To Their Wisdom
They Will Share It With You!

This statement was found on the web site of Karin Janin.